Artificial florals cherry blossoms showcasing faux florals for spring home decor.

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  • Heads and shoulders above them all

    OMGOSH - I opened my garland today to give it a test drive and it's soooo good devon! I have lots of faux garlands but this stand heads and shoulder above them all. I'm so glad I ordered early!! Thank you!

    - Tracy G.

  • I don't know how you did it at that price.

    "Oh my goodness!! This garland is too good! I don't think I've ever seen one this realistic that and is so full and I don't know how you did it at that price. Thank you, thank you!!"

    - Adrienne H.

  • None of them compare to yours

    I'm finally putting up garlands! I have a few and I have to say that none of them compare to yours. I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with the (letter) Floral ones I have.

    - Brittany J.

  • Beautiful garlands

    Beautiful garlands! I was too late in snagging the small wreaths byt I thrifted a preserved cedar wreath yesertday and I couldn't believe how close the faux garlands are to it in variation and texture.

    - Janette B.

  • Can't wait to buy more

    My husband walked up to my garland last night to smell it. He touched it and said, "Weird, it doesn't smell." Even after putting his nose to it and touching it he had zero idea it was fake. Can't wait to buy more next year!

    - Valerie S.

  • Bravo - truly gorgeous

    Bravo on a beautiful garland!!! I am rarely a "Fake" kind of person bc i love and prefer the look of real greens but this is truly gorgeous!

    - Emily B.

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