Our Story

Decorating was never fun for me. That may sound weird coming from someone who now sells home décor but hear me out. You see, it was always just stressful for me – a type A, control freak, perfectionist. Where I saw others being creative, I wanted a formula to ensure my end product would be successful without the risk of messing up in the creative process (and wasting money).

I spent almost 30 years pretty terrified of failure and then I had my first child. As any parent knows, if there’s one constant in parenting it’s failure. And after working hard to get over that debilitating fear, I actually felt liberated! I started trying new things and asking for help. One of the first things I tackled was a DIY garland for my TV stand (in lieu of a fireplace mantle). I found a picture of a garland that I loved and then I turned to an expert: my mother-in-law, creator of all things lovely and beautiful, decorator of the most incredible Christmas trees you’ve ever seen, and the most well thought out tablescapes of your life. Off we went to our local craft store where she showed me the types of materials I’d want to build this garland, about how many of each piece we’d need, what kinds of textures, etc. We played around until things were perfect and it was…SO SATISFYING. Not only did I have something in my home that I loved to look at – I had made it! Me! The stressed-out-decorator! And the feeling of accomplishment I felt that year is something I think we all have an innate desire for; the desire to love where we live, and the desire to be surrounded by ordinary beauty.

And I thought to myself, “If I can do this, truly, anyone can, because I’m not even good at this stuff!” I believe I have good taste, but that led me to being disappointed over and over again because nothing was ever up to my standards. And I knew other people felt this way because they were telling me so. So, I decided to make a solution for all of us who are intentional about what comes into our homes, who want something beautiful to look at amidst the crazy of our everyday, and who want high-quality products at a fair price.

So, welcome! I’m so, so happy you’re here. Now, onto adding a little beauty to the backdrop of our lives!