DIY Summer Front Porch Ideas

3 Ways to Decorate Your Front Porch for Summertime

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that outdoor spaces are precious. As things are opening back up, nothing sets the tone for your home like a beautiful front porch. Read on for some summer DIY decor ideas for your front entry -- whether your space is small or a little more roomy.

How to Dress Up a Small Front Porch 

I am well acquainted with the small front porch! Living in a townhome means that I have to make the absolute most of my space. My top 3 priorities when decorating my small space are: a beautiful wreath, welcome mat, and some potted flowers. Layering these pieces is key. We want people to feel welcomed, but not overwhelmed with stuff the minute they approach your door. 

Front entry picture of small porch with layered gingham and pineapple rugs and potted flowers.

Here you can see our Finerly Boxwood wreath with layered doormats. I wanted to pull the blue color palette from the wreath ribbons into the mats. One tip: I love a layered doormat but with a small space, make sure that the mats aren’t covering the whole landing. Proportionality is key! I finished off with some potted white flowers and called it a day.

Outdoor front entry with rugs

Still simple but SO much more welcoming.

How to Decorate Your Porch With Flowers

If you have a bit more space, one way to spruce it up is to add more flowers! We all know mums rule in Fall porch decor, but what are some summertime options for your front entry? My top picks? Daisies, potted hydrangeas, or lavender. 

One way modern farmhouse way to do this by adding multiple pots to one basket. It adds visual interest by putting them at different height levels. On Sutton Blog did this so well! I love the gingham and daisies. Perfect summertime inspo with a little rustic feel.

Modern farmhouse front porch with gingham pillows and potted plants

I’m also obsessed with these outdoor arrangements from Boxwood Avenue:

Outside front porch style with a contemporary modern farmhouse feel

This feels very on-trend with the combination of hydrangea, lavender and roses. It’s really versatile and would fit right in on a traditional or modern porch. I have a feeling this would get two thumbs up from our girl Joanna. 

What both of these styles get so right is using a couple of different but coordinating planters, so it’s not too matchy-match, and also providing a lot of visual interest with varying heights. Some of my favorite places to look for planters are home goods, a local thrift store, or even sprucing up a terra cotta planter from Home Depot or Lowes. I know bigger planters can be an investment so feel free to get creative!

How to Make Your Porch More Cozy

Of course, we want our outdoor spaces to be as inviting as possible. Again, layering your pieces by texture and height is going to be a great way to do this. If you have the room, outdoor seating can be a great way to maximize space, show off your style, and make your guests feel welcomed in an instant.

Beyond Gray knocked this out of the park:

Summertime front entry with lemons in vase

The cushioned seats with footrests! The lemons branches! The rugs! I love it all. 

I also love the idea of a rocking chair with a light blanket. It would be so simple to add a basket or jute tote next to it with some artificial flowers poking out to make it feel really warm. 

Or if you can swing it? This sofa with bamboo-looking chairs is a 10/10. I’d make myself right at home here (via ColorbyK):

Contemporary front porch idea with blue hydrangeas and wicker seating

And if you’re part of the small porch club like me? Go ahead and feel free to layer your flowers on one side and add a little basket and blanket to the other. It’ll still convey cozy without being too much. 

No matter what you choose to spruce up your porch, make sure you love it. If you love it, others will, too. 

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