Home Decor Ideas for 4th of July You’ll Love

Home Decor Ideas for 4th of July You’ll Love

DIY 4th of July Decorations You Will Want to Keep All Summer

I love incorporating patriotic decor into my home from Memorial to Labor Day! With the 4th of July just around the corner, I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to spruce things up for the holiday. Red, whites, & blues can be done in a way that’s tasteful and give an ode to America’s birthday.


When to Start Decorating for the 4th of July?

Growing up my mom would pull out her patriotic decor in time for Memorial Day and keep it up all summer long. She invested in and created pieces that would work for several years instead of just buying cheap throwaway pieces every year. I loved when I started seeing the red, white, & blue decor come out because I knew it was officially summer!

I’ve tried to adopt a similar approach. I know there are a lot of resources on how to have a Dollar Store 4th of July -- and I really appreciate the cost-effectiveness! -- but for me, I’d prefer to incorporate decor that is a bit more subtle while also celebratory and easy! And I’ve found that when my decor is calming and beautiful, I’m more inclined to keep it up longer.

Fourth of July part decor: a red, white, and blue striped napkin, tied in a knot and placed on top of a salad plate, dinner plate, and rattan charger.

How to Decorate for the 4th of July

With almost every holiday or event, my first focus is my dining room table! Over the years I’ve curated some flatware that I keep out all year and mix & match with different accents -- it’s a great way to stretch your hard-earned money and keep things simple.

The first place I go to is my local Home Goods. They do a good job of highlighting upcoming holidays to make decor easy to find, and you can get a set of 8 napkin for $12! See 3 easy ways to fold them on my Instagram

I also like to pair my more overtly 4th-focused decor with more classic pieces, like these flags in the chinoiserie vase.

4th of July Party Decorations: table centerpieces including two vases with hydrangeas and a chinoirsie vase with American flags.

Investment pieces

Here’s some things I have invested in myself that I use for different purposes all year long:
  • Chinoiserie vases: sometimes called ginger jars, these are such a classic piece of decor to have in your home. Again, Home Goods has so many affordable options!
  • Tablecloths and table runners: I usually find mine at Target, Amazon, or Home Goods, so again, I’m not shelling out the big bucks, and I always look for designs that are preeetttyy neutral so I can get more use out of them.
  • Napkins: a festive napkin (similar to pictured) is such an easy way to really amp up a holiday theme and is something you can use year in and year out. 
  • A nice wreath: a good quality wreath will last for years and years and it’s so simple to change out the ribbons or accents based on the holiday!
  • Hurricanes and candles: these will last you forever and apply to so many different holidays and decorating styles. As you can seen here, I just tied a blue & white striped ribbon around my hurricane and it tied everything together. David also thought the tall tapered candles looked like the Washington Monument which I thought was super approbo.


Fourth of July pary decorations: a full table setting including 6 place settings, red, white and blue striped napkins, small American flags, and an overall patriotic theme.

Less Expensive Accents:

If I’m going to buy something cheap from a Dollar Store or craft store, I go with the more overt decorations (but still not over the top if you catch my drift): 
  • American flags: I like having these smaller flags around to really amp up the patriotic feel. I went ahead and quickly ironed mine out so they look nice! 
  • Straws: You can get a pack of 40 straws that cost something like $4. And you can cut them to fit the exact size of your cups without worrying because they are so inexpensive. Win/win!
  • Paper accents: I love the idea of fun paper plates, cups, and hanging accents for the kids’ table or even for an accent to put on top of each plate.
Fourth of july decoriations: boxwood wreath hanging on front door with varieties of red, white, and blue ribbons.


If you incorporate these suggestions into your 4th of July home decor, you’ll be adding in classic and timeless elements that makes your home festive while still being a place you feel proud to be.

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