Candle Decor: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home with Candles

Candle Decor: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home with Candles

Just moved into a new place? Thinking to redecorate? Here are some amazing candle decor ideas to add a serene ambiance, beautiful aroma, and a cozy vibe to every room of your home. If you look back in time, candles have gone through quite a transformation. What used to be simple, wax-based fire-lighters are now colorful and scented, and can elevate the style of your home decor. Keep reading to learn some interesting and creative candle decorating ideas for every room of your home. 

Living Room

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to candle decorating ideas for your living room. Whether it's a casual family get-together or a movie night, lit candles can create relaxation and warmth. The classic way to do that is by simply placing the candles next to the bookshelf, windowsill, fireplace, or coffee table. For more visual attraction and mobility place your candle on a decorative tray in the middle of your coffee table.  

Tip: When setting your candle decor, remember to keep them in high areas - away from children's reach - and at a safe distance from fire hazardous materials such as fabric or paper.


Your bedroom is a place for relaxation and the heart of your romantic life. Out of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is the place where your candle decor should give the coziest feel. Start by placing the candles on your dresser with a nightstand or parallel to the mirror to create a reflection. If you want your candles to be reachable, place them on your bedside table.

Tip: Although candles can elevate the style of your home decor, do remember to extinguish them before you fall asleep because unattended candles are considered a major fire hazard.


Unwinding after a tough day at work with a hot bubble bath is one of life's greatest pleasures. When updating your home decor, opt for the candle colors that complement/match your bathroom decor, be it towels, wallpaper, or tiles. Arrange the candles in a bath tray along with a book and a glass of wine for a spa-like vibe. Also, you can place your candle near the mirror to get twice the glow from your candlelight. 

Tip: When buying scented candles for your bathroom, remember to choose the aromas that go well together, for example, cinnamon and apple-scented candles.  


From lighting a candle in the kitchen for a pleasant ambiance to placing the candles in a glass bottle, the possibilities of candle decorating ideas for your cooking space are endless. For example, if you have invited friends for dinner, having a fragrant candle will create a calm and soothing vibe. Moreover, you can creatively reuse spare glasses as candle holders. All you have to do is place a candle inside of the empty glass space and wrap twine around it to create a rustic mood. 

Tip: Always remember not to place the candles near a gas stove. 

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