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Why Finerly is Your Best Option in Home Decor

If you’re anything like me, you drool over the look of high-end home décor accessories…and then have a tiny bit of an aneurism when you see the price. Because WHY DO ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS IN VASE WITH FAKE WATER COST $350? 

Believe it or not, you can make it yourself and have it look just as good as the luxury home décor stores.

Luxury home decor wreath accessory of DIY wreath

Finerly Decor: $75 || Williams Sonoma: $95 || Etsy: $135 || Pottery Barn: $249

What is DIY Home Décor?

Do-it-yourself (or DIY) home decor goes beyond just crafting. It’s a way to elevate your living space by creating something yourself instead of buying it pre-made. There’s a lot to be gained by DIYing, including saving money, but it can sometimes be a bit tricky, especially when you’re just getting started. That’s why I started Finerly Decor, actually; to bring you a DIY price point (or better!) but with high-end materials, along with alllll the instructions and supports you could need!

How to Make Your Own Home Decor

With the right materials and some clear and friendly instructions, you can create upscale DIY home decor accessories that look beautiful at a fraction of the price. And with Finerly, we make this process the easiest ever. In fact, the whole reason I started Finerly was because I felt frustrated that there was no middle ground between luxury home décor accessories and the local craft store. I wasn’t getting what I needed from either one. 

 High end home decor accessory picture of magnolia flowers in a glass rounded vase
Finerly Decor: $105 || Wayfair: $169 (sale) || Darby Creek Tarding $499

Why choose DIY home decor from Finerly Decor over your local hobby supply shop?

The two main reasons to choose finerly over a hobby supply shop aren’t going to surprise you: time and money.

Your time is precious.

Does anyone else find craft stores to be a little overwhelming? Listen, you don’t have time for the headache. The headache of sourcing everything to try to get the best price only to realize you forgot one key piece and now you’ll have to delay the project. Or the time to go to the craft store, inspo pic in hand, only to discover they don’t have what you need. OR the time to get it all and THEN have to figure it out yourself based on a picture with no instructions. OR maybe there are instructions but the person giving them has been crafting for 20 years and goes too fast, or makes an assumption about a skill or piece of knowledge you already have, or, or, or.

I GET IT. People now are no longer fine with buying the pre-made décor at a craft store that looks like it belongs in their grandma’s home. And we aren’t about filling our homes with useless tchotchkes. WE DON’T HAVE THE TIME to make, or look at, poorly done DIY décor.

Make it yourself home decor picture of wooden beaded tassel garland.

Finerly Decor: $25 || Pottery Barn: $99 || Wayfair: $61.99

Your money is even more precious.

When I was making my very first wreath prototype, my first stop was the local craft store, just to see what they had and get ideas. All of the materials together cost $164. A few weeks later we sold our wreath, based on the craft store prototype, for more than HALF the cost. And we can sell it for half the price because we get the best wholesale and bulk pricing and then pass that on to you. In fact, a large part of what I do is sourcing. I spend TONS of time ordering samples to make sure that whatever you’re getting is top quality and at a friendlier price point. I probably get 5-10 samples of each piece that goes into a product box. My initial instinct is to say that I spend way too much time on finding the perfect pieces but I honestly think it’s time incredibly well spent!

Easy diy home decor idea picture of lemons in a wooden dough bowl
Finerly Decor: $100 (all materials!) || Crate & Barrel: $129 || Scout & Nimble: $160 (bowl only) || West Elm: $179 (bowl only)

Why choose DIY home decor over retail options at high-end home stores?

Maybe you have all the money in the world and don’t mind dropping hundreds of dollars for pre-made décor. I mean, more power to you. I just know there are moms out there like me: women with good taste who want a premium, beautiful accent in their home that doesn’t force them to choose between that and their kids sports team registration or dance costume bill. With Finerly, we make doing it yourself so easy and cost-effective. 

Along with a beautiful, modern, pinterest-worthy piece, you also come out the other end with such a sense of pride. Because YOU created it. When someone comes to your home and compliments your décor (which they definitely will because you’ve got great taste), you can look at your Finerly piece and breezily say, “Oh, I actually made that one.” Commence jaw droppage. And every time you walk past it you’ll feel a sense of pride in what you created.

More than that, I’m a mom of two young kids. My house is utter chaos sometimes: train tracks and sensory bins and the inexplicable half-eaten strawberry that got tossed into my cup. Even with all that,I can look at my magnolia arrangement, or my wreath, or my table centerpiece, or my tulips and honestly feel like I’m getting a breath of fresh air. Because that’s all me. Seeing the pieces I’ve created in my home makes me feel a sense of peace. It’s a slice of upscale in my otherwise not always Pinterest perfect home.

You have so much to worry about. And honestly, it’s not too much to ask for just one thing that’s just for you to create. We make the process so simple, so headache-free.

But if anyone asks, yes this project takes 3 hours, and no they can’t interrupt you. Ha! Now you’ve got 2 hours and 45 minutes alllll to yourself. 😊

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