Last-Minute Halloween Decor You’ll Love

Last-Minute Halloween Decor You’ll Love

Whether you prefer a cute and simple setup or are partial to gory Halloween decor, there’s no better time to show off your creativity than Halloween-- and it’s not too late to throw something together! There’s so much to consider when it comes to your Halloween decor - from revamping your front door to transforming your living room mantel, dinner table, and windows - the Halloween decor DIY possibilities are endless. Here are 7 simple yet creative ideas for Halloween decoration for you to try this year:

Let Candles Drip

Blood Red Wa dripping on white candles

To give a spooky and mysterious vibe to your Halloween decor, all you have to do is burn some drip candles and let them work their magic. Once the candle wax dries in its own strange way, pick them up and strategically place the candles around the house. However, for major Halloween thrills, display your dripping candles atop wine bottles painted black, or dark candlestick holders. 

Hang a ‘Lit’ Web

Crystal Spider Web - Pottery Barn

There’s nothing more dangerous and scary than spiders. It’s time for you to channel your inner spidey sense and use it to create your next Halloween decor DIY: a lit-up spider web. All you have to do is use thin LED lights to create a spider web between the corners of your garage wall to the middle of your garden or front yard.  Or, these Crystal Spider Webs, pictured above, from Pottery Barn.

Craft a Pumpkin Topiary

Pumpkin Topairy

If you are looking for show-stopping outdoor Halloween decor, craft a Pumpkin Topiary. To create this, all you need is a barrel-inspired planter and painted plastic pumpkins (hay and lights optional!). Use a spade to drill the pumpkins and place them over others until it covers the whole wooden stick. Once the pumpkins are aligned, drill small holes at the back of each pumpkin. Then if you wish, carefully insert the fairy lights and use a piece of duck up to cover the light holes and spread hay at the base of the planter to give an autumnal look. Lastly, set up the pumpkin topiary near your front door and plug in the lights to enjoy spooky magic. 

Tombstone Chair Covers

Chair Covers for Halloween

Tombstone Chair Covers are another easy Halloween decor DIY. Start by printing out a tombstone template and cutting out the design using a craft knife or scissors to create a stencil. Now, place your stencil in the center of while-colored pillowcases and pin it from the corners. Once the stencil is perfectly aligned, paint it over with black fabric paint and let it dry.  

Make Spooky Branches

Spooky branches DIY

Do you have branches lying around your yard? Gather some up and apply some black spray paint t give them a spooky look. You can even spray paint a few pumpkins black, too, to really amp up the Halloween vibes. You can then display these as crawling up a doorway or mantle, or in a vase. And for one final way to take it up  notch: put a tap light under the branches in a vase so they’re lit from below. 

Creepy Crawler Candles

Pumpkin Spider Candles

Light up your home’s alley with this Halloween decor DIY: Spidery Candle Holders. Cut out mini pumpkins and add pipe cleaners to make the spider legs. Now, add the tea-lights or small-sized candles into the hollow space of the pumpkin. Place the Creepy Crawler Candles in different places around your house.

And that’s it! Easy decor ideas you can do this week to prep for trick-or-treaters!

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