Pumpkin Decoration Ideas: How to Spruce up Your Home This Fall

Pumpkin Decoration Ideas: How to Spruce up Your Home This Fall

When we hear the words ‘fall season,’ the first few things that come to our mind are pies, bread, and delicious spiced beverages. All three of these things have one thing in common; PUMPKINS! Fall is the best time to showcase your love for it and incorporate it into your home decor. If you’re on the lookout for pumpkin decoration ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Pumpkin decoration Ideas for Beginners

There are a gazillion different ways to decorate your home using pumpkins. However, if this is your first time, it’s best to stick to the basics and get creative with what you already know. Let’s take a look at some pumpkin decoration ideas by Finerly decor:

Arts and Crafts

painted pumpkins

Picture from Uncommon Designs

Who says you have to be a master in carving to use pumpkins for your fall decorations? You can simply use your artistic skills, a few paintbrushes, and some faux flowers or decorative pieces. If you don’t want to use paint, you can also use gold foil or mummify your pumpkin for a spooky Halloween look. If you want to bedazzle the fruit, we would suggest you go for it!

The Ugly Ducklings

A brilliant way to spruce up your home decor with different hues, patterns, and shades is to use the ugly ducklings for your garden or with your indoor plants. If placed strategically, the misshaped, warty, and discolored pumpkins can become a conversation starter. What’s great is that you can buy these ugly ducklings at a budget-friendly price while also keeping the spirit of fall alive!

The Tiny Ones

The tiny little pumpkins don’t need much as they’re pretty adorable on their own. You can place a bunch of the tiny ones inside glass containers, cabinets, or an ice bucket or use them as a centerpiece on your table. However, you can also use spray paints to make them colorful and chic. It’ll be best to consider placing them indoors and keep your overall home decor and aesthetics in mind.

Pumpkin Pots

Picture from Better Homes & Gardens

Are you running out of ideas as well as time? This is one of the quickest and easiest home decor ideas we’ve come across yet. You can cut the crown of your pumpkin to empty the seeds and fibers and fill it with faux flowers and plants. This idea will keep your fall decorations all organic and simple. We would recommend using succulents for this type of home decor.

Carve and Light Up!

Of course, if you’re more of a traditional person, then you can take the tried and tested route of carving the pumpkin and putting it on your front door, lawn, stairs, or even in the fireplace. You can even drop your carved pumpkin in a bleach bath or use petroleum jelly to help it last longer.  Carving a pumpkin is not easy, and we’d advise being careful when you’re getting down to it. You can also place battery-powered lights inside the fruit to make it pop!

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