Using Three Tiered Trays for Home Decor: Where to Begin?

Using Three Tiered Trays for Home Decor: Where to Begin?

Are you thinking about decorating a three-tiered tray display for home decor but don't know where to start? We've got vast experience in tray decorations and have some tricks and tips to help you get started. While interior decor always allows for a little creativity, you still want your pieces to serve a purpose and follow a structure. Let's take a look at some things you can keep in mind while decorating your three-tiered trays.

Tiered Displays for Home Decor

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Although tiered tray decorations may look like they are effortless to make, you’ll be most successful with a bit of strategic planning. From choosing the right type of tray to placing suitable decorative items, let's take a look at some tips for novice home decor enthusiasts:

Which Tray Should You Pick?

There are many different colors, sizes, and materials that you can select based on the room you'll place the tray in and the space availability. If you're going for a contemporary style of decor, you can have your pick from ceramic and glass trays. However, if you want your decor to have a traditional feel, perhaps metal and wooden trays will be your best bet. The type of tray you choose will depend on your existing interior decor and personal preferences. The tray's shape will also depend on whether you're going for a modern or traditional style.

Where Should You Start?

If you already have a tiered tray but don't know where to begin, we've got you covered! First things first, a bit of strategy: you’ll thank yourself later if you go ahead and place the more oversized items first. This could be anything from a frame, pitcher, canister, or a sign. You can also consider placing relatively larger plants as your centerpiece. Working your way from bigger to smaller items will also allow you to place items and pick a color scheme strategically. You can also use stackable pieces, like mugs, cups, stands, and jars. The idea is not to fill the tray to the brim, but to make it stand out with a few creative and fabulous items.

Do You Need a Color Scheme?

Yes! Of course, you need a color scheme! Your three-tiered trays will seem out of place and decorated haphazardly without one. It's good to pick one main color that pops and then add one or two more accent colors to make a scheme. Too many colors- in any type of home decor- can make things look too busy and stand out in the wrong way. It's always best to pick the color scheme of your interior decor and play around with different shades to add depth and contrast to your tiered tray decorations. If you're adding flower pots to your tray decor, you can choose single-colored ones and place them opposite each other or in a zigzag through the three tiers -- spreading them out a bit will help the overall cohesion of your tiered tray decor. 

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Your 3 Tiered-Tray Formula

I’m a big fan of taking the guesswork out of decorating and instead adding in a formula. Here’s how I’d approach a 3-tiered tray for my first time: 

  • 6 small pieces of greenery (using at least 2 varieties)
    • 3 pieces on the bottom tier
    • 2 pieces on the middle tier
    • 1 piece on the top tier
  • 3-4 circular pieces of varying sizes (mixed materials - think wood, ceramic, etc., and make sure to balance out if you’ve included circular pieces on your greens like a moss or boxwood ball)
    • 1-2 bigger ones on the bottom
    • 1 on the middle tier
    • 1 on the top tier
  • 3-4 big accents (this could be a cute sign, a small peony arrangement, a cute teapot, a fun seasonal item, a small wooden-beaded garland, etc).
    • 1-2 per level, just keep an eye out to make sure the sizes make sense for the size of your tiered tray!
  • Fill in with cute tchotkes as needed! I always just look around my home (especially my bookshelves!) to find cute items I can pull in that really personalize the tray. 

If that feels too overwhelming, you can always employ my go-to tried and true tip: make it monochrome! I promise you, if you use the same colors with just a few touches of colors here and there, you’ll be in business!

You may have some of these pieces already, but here are some recommendations if you’re looking to fill out your tiered tray. 

Hope this is helpful! Go forth and assemble! :) 

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