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Build your own high-end home decor at a fraction of the price.

Beautiful home décor straight to your door: get your DIY subscription box today! With two styles & price points to choose from (and ever expanding!), we help you create the high-end décor look you love.

We ship all the materials to you. We give you tutorials and support. YOU create.


The Winter Boxes

Our first boxes of the year are here! Pick from two elegant pieces - the Classic Contemporary Floral Bowl or the Modern Rustic Wreath. Limited quantities are available, so act fast!

Modern Rustic

Eucalyptus Wreath

What better way to welcome people to your home than this gorgeous DIY wreath? This versatile wreath will compliment nearly any home style. We wanted to create something modern, yet timeless, and this wreath checks all the boxes. Full, elegantly understated, and easy to put together – it’s a knock out.

Classic Contemporary

Floral Bowl

Make people do a double take with this classic arrangement. This beautiful rose bowl looks so lush and can be enjoyed across seasons and in a variety of places in your home. Because of the range of textures, colors, and greenery, this piece will be a staple all year long. Order this beauty today!

How It Works

Each season we’ll provide style options and different price points for you to choose that season’s décor piece.

Your décor will be delivered at your door and then it’s time to unbox and go! Boxes come in February, May, August, & November.

Included in your box are all the supplies you’ll need, hardcopy instructions, and access to a video tutorial.

Voila! You did it! Now go ahead and show off that beautiful piece of décor that YOU made!

Choose a style

Modern Rustic


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Get 5% off by subscribing to a quarterly box!

Subscription Benefits

4 Seasonal Boxes

Swap Box Styles Anytime

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Classic Contemporary


Per Box


Get 5% off by subscribing to a quarterly box!

Subscription Benefits

4 Seasonal Boxes

Swap Box Styles Anytime

Cancel Anytime

Our Story

Are DIY projects stressful for you? Me too. Not enough time, materials, know-how? I get it. I've been there. But then I learned that there's a formula to each of these DIY home décor projects and crafts. And if you know the formula then you can make whatever you want. And so I started Finerly Decor. I wanted to help other people get the look of high-end home décor pieces without the headache of having to choose between paying hundreds of dollars for a pre-made product or the hassle of trying to figure it out yourself. It's DIY made simple. It's beautiful home décor materials provided by us but made by you. Not only that, but we do several iterations of each project on our end first so we can make mistakes for you -- and then pass along the knowledge. No more headache. No more frustration. Just beautiful home décor made easy. Because you deserve beautiful home décor you can be proud of.


Want the full story? Check out our About page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m a novice? I’m nervous I won’t be able to do this on my own.

Hi! Welcome to the club! We know how scary this can be and we’ve got you covered. All of our boxes include a step-by-step instruction handout, access to a video tutorial where Devon will take you through the process (and let you know the mistakes she made so you don’t repeat them), AND, each quarter we hold a virtual class where you can ask questions in real time. Beyond that, we’re always here with our customer service to answer any questions, take a video call, etc. We want you to love your final product and we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen!

Shoot, I’m not into either of the styles this season. Can I skip?

Sure! Feel free to skip this time around and please shoot us an email at support@finerlydecor.com with some suggestions for things you’d like to see. We’re here to make your life easier, so we love your feedback and ideas. Some of our best ideas come from our customers.

Is it really cheaper than going to my local craft store?

YES! A big fat YES. Sometimes craft stores have decent deals, don’t get us wrong, but even then, it’s seldom less expensive than what we price at. We are able to buy in bulk and then parce out those pieces so we all win. Not only that, but have you ever been to a store only to find they don’t have what you actually need? Yeah, us too.

Do you plan on changing style types and price points?

We are absolutely looking forward to the day when we can provide even more style choices and varying price points. As we grow, we’ll be able to provide more options. Please let us know what you’d like to see by emailing us at: support@finerlydecor.com

Do you only sell home décor subscription boxes?

For now, yes. But as we grow we plan on providing a la carte home products, as well as other product lines very soon. Stay tuned!

I’ve finished my home décor project, now what do I do? Do you provide style tips?

You know we’ve got you covered! The best way to see how we and our Finerly users style their home décor is to follow us on social media: @finerlydecor and facebook.com/finerlydecor.

When will I get charged and when will my box ship?

After your initial sign up and payment, follow-on fulfilments of your subscription will be charged 14 days before your box ships. You will get an email notice weeks in advance to verify your style choice and notify you of the upcoming payment. Boxes are shipped in February, May, August, and November.

Where do you ship to?

For now we are only able to ship within the continental US. We are hoping to open up to global shipping as soon as possible. Go ahead and email us at support@finerlydecor.com and let us know where else you'd like us to ship!